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Programming is not about knowing the programming language. You can learn any language in a few days. It is about algorithms. How do you solve a problem efficiently? All roads lead to Rome, but some are shorter or faster than others.
In this blog I will try building up a reference guide for hardcore programming. This includes techniques to solve problems in most efficient ways.
I aim at developers, who have some experience with C#, but want to deepen their knowledge and make sure they are ready to at least be able to pass the C# Microsoft Solution Developer (MCSD) 70-483 easily.

I am active in the stock market trading business since 1997. So I will finally go down that road and concentrate on speed. I wish I could explain everything in a single day, but realistically we are looking at roughly two years before I get there. My time is limited, this is my second blog and I know a good blog needs some dedication.

You should have at least one year of experience programming essential business logic.