In 1985 I started on a Commodore 64 … the good old times.
Programming has been one of my hobbies ever since. I am the school geek who became a stock trader in the High Frequency Trading (HFT) environment.
Science is my passion and I am not picky at all, any science is cool. Physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science ….
And this is definitely the wrong blog to tell you about my family, friends, guitar or sports activities. I will post this on other blogs.

I was programming in Basic, Assembler, Modula, Cluster, Pascal, C, C++, VBA, VB.NET, Perl and finally C# and Java. All in all there are 28 years of programming practice.

Bastian M.K. Ohta

  1. Love the site Bastian.
    As usual, your insights are spot on.

  2. Danke für die Beispiele. Konnte viel daraus lernen. Gruss aus DK.

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